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Darkness 1 & 2
Posted by Floorgasm @ 11:04 pm
Darkness 1 & 2

Darkness Episode 1 - Help the convent girl find out what's going on inside the house.

Darkness Episode 2 - The second installment sees the convent girl transported to an empty hospital.
Kirsten 18 - black seethrough top
Posted by Floorgasm @ 8:47 pm
Posting her picture on one more site won't hurt
Posted by Floorgasm @ 7:55 pm
Casey Hicks

Claiming that Internet surfers have been using her mug shot for "private sexual gratification," a convicted drug dealer is threatening to sue The Smoking Gun unless her booking photo is removed from our site. So meet Casey Hicks. Again. It's been a few years since we've thought about the comely 25-year-old Floridian, whose photo first appeared on TSG in 2002 as part of a collection of mug shots that we dubbed "Foxy Felons." In June 2000, Hicks was arrested after selling 49 Ecstasy tablets to an undercover cop in Rockland County, New York. In January 2001, she copped a reduced felony plea for the $400 drug deal. By the time of her sentencing, Hicks had relocated to Florida, where she subsequently began serving a probationary term of nearly five years (we discovered her mug shot, which you can find above, on the web site of Florida's Department of Corrections, where it still remains). Now, with her term of community supervision soon ending, Hicks is threatening to sue us if we don't excise her mug shot. In a February 13 letter, attorney Terry Bork contends that our publication of Hicks's mug shot and details of her rap sheet somehow invades the young felon's privacy and holds her up to ridicule. The posting of his client's mug shot, Bork claims, has led Hicks to become fearful for her safety, since she has become a topic of discussion of unnamed "numerous blogs." Making matters worse, he adds, our posting of Hicks's photo "has invited members of the public" to use her mug shot for masturbatory purposes. The self-gratification claim appears to be based on unspecified blog entries.
Yet another "FUCK YOU" face tattoo
Posted by Floorgasm @ 7:41 pm
Charles Moore

Meet Charles Moore. The Arkansas man, 25, was sentenced last month to 20 years in prison for a December 2004 motel stickup and his subsequent assault of a jail guard. While in custody a few months back, Moore decided to add a tattoo to his already impressive collection, which includes lightning bolts, a dragon, a marijuana leaf, and a joker. Employing a primitive jailhouse inking process, Moore placed a two-word message on his forehead, a greeting that he apparently sought to permanently extend to law enforcement officials, according to a recent story by John Lynch of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Moore's new tattoo was quickly added to the inventory maintained by the state's Department of Corrections.
Karima Adebibe unveiled as the new Lara Croft
Posted by Floorgasm @ 9:12 pm
Karima Adebibe, 20, of London, England, beat off thousands of hopefuls to be the international face of Lara Croft, replacing Jill De Jong. She will now embark on a gruelling training programme to prepare her for the role.

Karima AdebibeKarima Adebibe
Karima AdebibeKarima AdebibeKarima Adebibe
Karima AdebibeKarima AdebibeKarima Adebibe
Karima AdebibeKarima AdebibeKarima Adebibe
Karima AdebibeKarima AdebibeKarima AdebibeKarima Adebibe

Karima Adebibe
The legend of young Chuck Norris
Posted by Floorgasm @ 1:58 pm
Young Chuck Norris

Young Chuck Norris - "And he kicks and he spins some more, back to Vietnam to settle the score. Don't forget Walker, Texas Ranger, when he kicked and he punched his way from danger."
McDee's - I'm playin' it
Posted by Floorgasm @ 5:49 am
McDonald's Videogame

McDonald's Videogame - A parody game where you take control of four sectors - agricultural section, feedlot, fast food and headquarters. Clear rainforests and plough down tribe villages to make way for pastures and soy cultures. Feed cows oils, sewage and other shit to save time and money. Fire crew members if they're underperforming, set up advertising campaigns and take care of public relations by handing out bribes.
Post messages and pictures on LED lights
Posted by Floorgasm @ 7:17 am
LED Sign

LED Sign - Enter a message or upload a picture (128 x 48) to be displayed on the LED sign. The page will refresh so you can see all the latest messages/pictures.
Tank Ball
Posted by Floorgasm @ 7:05 pm
Tank Ball

Tank Ball - Multiplayer 3D tank game with four teams. Choose which colour you want to be, use arrow keys to move around and CTRL to shoot.
Lucia and her hot teen tits
Posted by Floorgasm @ 2:26 pm
Teri Hatcher @ the 48th Grammy Awards
Posted by Floorgasm @ 2:13 am
WTF? Age (and/or coke) has not treated Teri Hatcher well over the years.

Teri Hatcher @ the 48th Grammy Awards   Teri Hatcher @ the 48th Grammy Awards   Teri Hatcher @ the 48th Grammy Awards   Teri Hatcher @ the 48th Grammy Awards
The Carwash girls
Posted by Floorgasm @ 3:01 am
The Carwash

The Carwash - Similar to the Virtual Bartender where you type in any command you can think of.

If you're stuck, here's some to get you going: angry, arse/hot, bitch, blowjob, breast, bumper, can i get your number, cameltoe, catfight, come, cry, cunt, dance/the office, drunk, enter your command, exercise, fall, finger, football/piggy in the middle, hug, jeremy clarkson/pervert/top gear, jump, kill, kiss, laugh, leg, limbo/one of the lads, lingerie, mirror, naked, newspaper, peach, pussy, run, service the car, sexy, shake, spank, strip, tickle, wash, waterfight, wave, wax, wet, wheel, whore.
You can tell this guy's a real winner
Posted by Floorgasm @ 3:23 pm
Jose Luis Gomez

Meet Jose Luis Gomez. The Iowa man, 20, is locked up in the Polk County Jail on robbery and assault charges. Nothing special there. What sets Gomez apart from other accused felons in the Des Moines clink (and nationwide, for that matter) are the distinctive tattoos above his smoky brown eyes. Gomez, you see, likes to make a statement without saying a word.
Halloween prank doesn't quite go as planned
Posted by Floorgasm @ 5:34 am
Never Scare A Brother

Never Scare A Brother - A little old to be trick or treating?
Gogo Happy & Smile
Posted by Floorgasm @ 11:30 pm
Gogo Happy & Smile

Gogo Happy & Smile - "Play as a cat or rabbit and take on some nasty bears! Fans of Alien Hominid are sure to enjoy this. You may recognise the explosions and other concepts from the console version of Alien Hominid."
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